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5 Ram Project

What a way to kick off our Project season!! Thanks to everyone that came out and helped on this very important project. We had about 60 people show up and 45 volunteers fly up to the site. We had many new faces and a few old faces (meaning we have seen them before not saying that Eddie, Clint, John and others are old.) We also had some special guests with us filming. Stay tuned to see the Fraternity featured on “Spirit of Nevada”. Randy Newberg had so much fun with us last year in the Muddy’s, he drove the 2,000 miles from Montana to do it again. He could have also been getting more footage for his video about the Fraternity that will be showing at the Sheep Show but, I like to think it was because he had a great time last year with us. Doug Nielsen was also snapping shots and filming for NDOW. I am sure we can expect to see some things coming very soon from him.

I will let Matt Flores tell you what happened on the day of the build. He sent me this very detailed write up of what when down that was so well written I wanted to include it in this message.

5-Ram Wrap up from Matt Flores,

On 1/26/19, 45 individual volunteers representing 540 in-kind hours came together to work on the 5-Ram guzzler. At our current 3:1 match, with a value of $33.08 per hour of labor the total cash value generated for Bighorn conservation from this event comes to $48,729.60.

The apron at 5-Ram was increased from a 69’x48’ to a 69’x68’. This represents an increase in collection surface of 1,380 sq., feet and an increase in collection of 860 gallons for every one inch of rain. The area where 5-Ram is located receives 6.4 inches of rain on average annually. This means the 5-Ram apron's collection capacity was increased by 5,504 gallons per annum.

Two old tanks were removed from the project to make way for three new tanks. The old tanks had an open seam which contributed to increased evaporation, whereas the new tanks are completely enclosed, thus reducing any evaporation on the system from the surface of the two drinkers only. By replacing these two tanks and adding a third, we effectively increased the overall capacity of the system by 3,800 gallons. This increases the total gallons available to 18,400.

The 5-Ram guzzler continues to be one of the most utilized guzzlers in Nevada. It is estimated that up to 200 sheep can be seen using the guzzler at one time. Its sustainability through increased storage capacity and increased collection, will reduce the need for costly water hauls in the Muddy mountains. Keeping Bighorn at 5-Ram through the summer will allow for a healthier herd.

Matt Flores

Nevada Dept of Wildlife

Habitat Biologist

Water Development Program

Thank you, Matt it’s amazing to see the numbers written out. This will for sure benefit our large desert sheep herd in the area and all the other wildlife that benefit from the water projects.

We sure look forward to seeing everyone on the next project. It will be February 16th and we will be flying out from a great new location. We are updating the flyer and will be sending it out real soon. Mark your calendars and be on the lookout for the flyer.

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