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Grant Sawyer Building Bighorn Sheep Mount

Have you ever seen the bighorn sheep taxidermy in the lobby of the Grant Sawyer Building? It's pretty nice, thanks to Kevin Libby's work! If you haven't seen it, the scene is of a ewe and lamb utilizing one of the approximately 130 water guzzlers that the FDB has built in Southern Nevada. You can even see the water tanks in background.

There is also a big ram standing on a nearby ridge. Well, that ram is the infamous "Spots". Spots resided in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge near the location of where the visitor center is now located. Spots can also be found in the FDB's former logo. When Spots died of natural causes his legacy was to live forever as his cape and head was used for this mount. It should also be noted that the ewe used for the scene was actually hit by a car near Railroad Pass. When authorities were taking care of the carcass they noticed that the ewe was pregnant with a fully developed fetus. That fetus is the lamb.

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