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Woody Project

This project was all set and two weeks before it was to be done the Wildlife Refuge pulled the funding. NDOW informed the Fraternity that the project was going to have to be cancelled. Fortunately, the FNAWS show was in Reno the very next week so Eddie told the NDOW rep to keep the date for the project and have the helicopter come as scheduled as he would get the necessary funds. $20,000 was needed to build the new guzzler.

At the time, Royce "Woody" Wood was head of FNAWS. At the show (what is now known as the "Sheep Show") Eddie informed Woody of the situation and he disappeared for about 2 hours. When Woody returned, he informed Eddie that he had $25,000 secured for the project. The guzzler was built the following week and the new project was of course named "Woody".

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